'How can I get my mom to be more supportive? How do I convince my husband to watch the kids so I can workout? How can I get my boyfriend to eat healthy with me so it’s easier for me to stay on track? How can I get my dad to support my decision to change majors? The best advice I know of in this situation is, if you want to change someone else, change yourself. People change because they’re inspired by someone else’s example, not because they were coerced into doing it. People change because they see in someone else what’s Probable, not because someone harasses them over and over about what’s Possible. You will never change someone else unless you find the courage and the will and the resolve to change Yourself. You will never do any of those things if you aren’t willing to let people be inconvenienced by your journey'. An excerpt from Girl, Stop Apologizing.
زبان انگليسي
نويسنده Rachel Hollis
سال چاپ 2018
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